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Diet-Friendly Menu Ideas for the Big Game

Hosting a party for the big game may seem stressful when trying to maintain a healthy diet; however, serving foods that taste good and make you feel good is possible. Follow these party menu tips to help simplify healthy eating.

Minimize the calories while maximizing the health benefits.

By serving veggies rather than cheeses, you can cut a ton of unwanted calories. Include vegetables like celery, which has high water content and is great for your skin. Rather than going with a ranch dip, try something healthier, like a low-fat yogurt dip or hummus. 

Prepare individual servings.

Portioning snacks not only helps with portion control, it also helps reduce the spread of germs! Try making convenient and easy hummus and veggie cups; it’s easier to follow a serving size when you don’t have the entire container of dip sitting in front of you. Slice carrots, celery and other veggies into spears and place them in a small plastic cup vertically with a single serving of hummus at the bottom. Yum!

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Have a tasty alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Not only are alcoholic beverages high in calories, they’re also harmful to your body when consumed excessively. Consider serving a beverage that doesn’t contain any alcohol but is still appealing to people, like a fruit punch made with freshly squeezed juices.

Practice safe and healthy food preparation.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly and often. The surfaces on which you prepare your food are also prone to harbor unwanted germs, so wash the cutting boards and other surfaces frequently to avoid cross-contamination. Be sure to cook foods to proper temperatures and refrigerate promptly after preparation. 

Use your doctor as a resource.

The HMR weight management program available at CHI St. Joseph Health focuses on making healthier food choices and consuming more fruits and vegetables as well as increasing physical activity. Your physician can give you healthy eating tips that may work for your particular diet. 

Learn more about the HMR weight management program. To make an appointment with your primary care physician, visit



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